Top Ten Tuesday-Romance Novels, Likes and Dislikes 2/10/15


It’s that time of year when romance is everywhere, so it’s only fitting that The Broke and the Bookish have asked us to weigh in on what we like or dislike about romance novels.

Let’s start with the dislikes so we can end on a positive note.

1. Love Triangles. For the most part, love triangles drive me nuts.

summer matched

2. Romances that actually interfere with a bigger plot. Guess what? Not every book needs a romance. Sometimes its ok to just be a science fiction book.

inventor's secret

3. Inappropriate romances. Teachers and students, brothers and sisters…blah.

flowers in the attic city of bones

4. Cheaters, stalkers, vapid girls…why bother looking for book covers?


Happy thoughts time!

5. Humor/sass/banter. I sass and banter ALL the time!

rebel belle also known as

6. Quirky characters.

rosie project eleanor

7. LGBT characters.

aristotle and dante ask i'll give you the sun

8. Road Trip Romances.

amy one plus one

9. Sweet Guys.

fangirl my life better off friends

10. Paranormal Romance. I do love a paranormal/fantasy romance…

raven boys daughter of smoke grave mercy

Happy Reading!


3 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday-Romance Novels, Likes and Dislikes 2/10/15

  1. Fun List! I totally agree with sweet guys. Everyone focuses on the “bad boy”, but usually the sweet guys are the ones stealing my heart.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with everything!:) Love triangles can not only distract from one perfect relationship but they can also lead to two undeveloped romances:( Quirky characters make the world go round;) They make the romance feel more real and I feel so attached to their weird and wonderful personalities! I really need to read the Rosie Project:)
    I’ve heard so much about Aristotle and Dante but I didn’t know there was a romance in it! I’ll be trying that one out soon hopefully.
    Sweet guys are the best! Levi will always stick with me as a guy who I want to meet and fall in love with (“Cather”;)).
    Here’s mine:) :

  3. So much YES to the first two. Especially #2 is throwing me off more and more YA books.

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