Mondays with Megan-Play Ball! 4/6/15

So, I was a little overly-eager last week. Baseball starts this week. I’ll be listening to the Indians first regular season game while I paint my bathroom and anxiously wait for the news that my sister has finally had her baby. I swear, this baby is taking its own sweet time…Lots to be excited about today!

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wolf in white van kingdom of the wicked this one summer she got up

  • Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle-♥♥♥-After suffering a disfiguring injury as a teen, Sean battles his isolation and depression by creating a game of strategy and survival called Trace Italian. Sean runs the game through mail-order. When a tragedy strikes a pair of young players, Sean begins reliving his own journey into the game and the events that led to its creation. This 2015 Alex Award winner is dark and compelling. I was expecting more about the actual game, but this was really a much more introspective read.
  • Kingdom of the Wicked by Derek Landy-♥♥♥♥♥-Oh, how I love Skulduggery Pleasant! Ordinary people developing extraordinary magical powers? This is crazy enough, but it is soon discovered that it is part of a much, much bigger problem! Sadly, I only have two more books to go.
  • This One Summer by Jillian Tamaki-♥♥♥-Rose and her family spend summers at Awago beach. She has a summer best friend in Windy, who is a little younger and like a sister. This summer everything is different. Rose’s parents are fighting and she finds herself engrossed in the daily drama of a couple of local teens. This graphic novel has gotten plenty of buzz and attention. For me, the illustrations saved the day. The story was quite busy, but slow at the same time. Luckily the images were so lovely!
  • She Got Up Off the Couch by Haven Kimmel-♥♥♥♥♥-More stories from the author’s childhood in the tiny town of Moreland, Indiana. I wish this would never end. I could listen to Kimmel tell tales of her upbringing all day.

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 Happy Reading! (Go Tribe!)



5 responses to “Mondays with Megan-Play Ball! 4/6/15

  1. Yes! I am another person who is incredibly excited for the start of baseball season today. I am a lifelong SF Giants fan, they were my great grandfather’s team and he passed that on to me by watching them after dinner while I was in high school before the whole 2010/2012/2014 seasons happened. Wish your Indians well in the season =)

  2. I liked This One Summer, but sometimes it seemed to repeat, thus slow as you said. Thanks for the other titles, will share them with my students!

  3. I really have to find more skullduggery as I love them. I loved This One Summer so much I went back and read it again right away. Have you read Skim by these two cousins? It’s for older readers. I think I liked it more than This One Summer.

  4. I love how much you are enjoying Skulduggery Pleasant – is it possible to read the titles even if they are not in order? That’s what I’m wondering about as I already have quite a few titles in my collection now, but hardly complete. 🙂

    • Hi Myra! I am having so much fun with Skulduggery Pleasant! I especially love the witty, sarcastic banter. I would not recommend reading them out of order. The story builds with each new book. Fair warning about my advice-I am a huge stickler for reading a series in order, even when it isn’t necessary! Thanks for stopping by!

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