Mondays with Megan-Summer Reading Starts Today! 6/8/15

unmaskIt’s time the most wonderful time of the year…Summer Reading is finally here! Every week I will be giving away a basket full of goodies. To enter to win just fill out a slip for every book you read or listen to and drop it in the contest box at the AV Desk. Can’t make it in to the library? No problem! This year you can register and submit entries online! Everyone who signs up will receive a coupon for a FREE burrito from Chipotle, while supplies last! The first basket is a fun one. The lucky winner with take home:

  • Books!
    • It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
    • Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry
  • T-shirt!
    • “Sarcasm: Just One of My Many Talents”
  • Candy!
    • Haribo Sour S’ghetti
    • Sweettarts
    • Butterfinger Bites
    • Jolly Rangers
    • Blow Pops
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower DVD
  • Minecraft mini-figures
  • A pencil case
  • A journal & pen
  • Oreo minis
  • 2 Cleveland Gladiator Tickets
  • $10 Mitchell’s gift card

I personally continue to struggle with my reading. Yard work seems to be monopolizing all my free time (thank goodness for audiobooks and podcasts) and I have found myself swept up in the NBA playoffs excitement as well. My new dream is to be done with all my backbreaking yard labor soon so that I can just lounge around on my patio and read! So, for now, I have very little reading to report.

new monday


forever odd punching zoo daughter of deep silence

  • Forever Odd by Dean Koontz-♥♥♥. This second volume in the Odd Thomas series features Odd following his sixth sense to locate a friend who has been kidnapped. This one was kind of strange, but the set up for the third book sounds promising so I will continue.
  • Cyanide & Hapiness: Punching Zoo by Kris Wilson-♥♥♥. One of the most successful webcomics has compiled some of their best comics and added new material for this collection. I love the simple stick figure drawings and the completely irreverent humor. This one is not for everyone and certainly not for kids!
  • Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan-♥♥♥. At fourteen Frances Mace sees her parents murdered, along with all the other passengers on the cruise ship they are aboard. Frances and her friend Libby manage to make it off the ship alive. Frances knows the truth about the events on the Persephone and she is hell-bent on seeking revenge on those involved. I loved Carrie Ryan’s Forest of Hands and Teeth series, so I was thrilled to finally get a new YA book from her! Readers must be willing to suspend their disbelief and tolerate an unlikeable main character. I was interested enough to find out what really happened, but I think this one was a little too long and repetitive. Decent suspense, not a lot of action.

Current Audio:

animal wise whites

Currently Reading:

last stand i crawl through it

Recently Received ARCs:

fixerafter the red rainlair of dreamshello goodbyezeroesthese shallow graves

I need to get busy!

Happy Reading!


4 responses to “Mondays with Megan-Summer Reading Starts Today! 6/8/15

  1. Ooh. Liked The Fixer and want to read the Jennifer E. Smith. Looking the other way and pretending I don’t see the newest Skullduggery Pleasant…fine, checking to see if there is a US version!

  2. Fun that you’re having a contest. I’ll note those arcs you received. They look good!

  3. More skullduggery!! I’ve loaded up on Derek Landy audiobooks for the summer. I love audiobooks for when I am working in the garden, renovating the house, and especially, working on a quilt. I have a wedding quilt to get working on ASAP.

  4. Thanks for reminding me that I have yet to read the last book in the Forest of Hands and Teeth series by Carrie Ryan. 🙂 Love seeing Derek Landy’s books here.

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