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I met John Green!

alaskaI took my daughter to see John Green at the Columbus Public Library last week. Green, if you don’t know already, is the author of three very popular and award winning books for teens:  Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines and, most recently, Paper Towns. He’s also got a lot of stuff on the web: he writes a blog and he and his brother Hank run the Nerdfighter’s site. They also create video blogs (vlogs) at Vlogbrothers – which are sometimes hilarious and always interesting. He was great to listen to, even for a non-teen like myself; I found him smart and funny and touching and, well…nerdy (which is a good thing!). So, if you haven’t read his books, get into the library ASAP. As for me, after I pry the signed copy of Looking for Alaska from my daughter’s hands, I’ll read one, too!