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Far From You by Tess Sharpe Review 4/10/14

far from you

Far From You by Tess Sharpe
April 8, 2014
Hardcover, 352 pages

What it’s about:

Seventeen-year old Sophie watches her best friend get shot and killed. The cops rule the murder a drug deal gone wrong. Everyone blames Sophie, assuming that she relapsed in her recovery from her addiction to painkiller. Everyone is wrong. Sophie is clean and after being forced into rehab, she is ready to find out the truth behind Mina’s death. She can’t solve this mystery alone, but she is reluctance to reach out to her few friends because that will mean revealing the big secret has been protecting. In the end, the desire for justice for Mina prevails and Sophie risks everything to find the person who robbed her of the girl who more than just a best friend.

Why you might like it:

If you like a gripping murder mystery, you might give this one a try. Are you interested in stories about drug addiction and recovery? Far From You is a powerful recovery story you might like. Are you looking for books with bisexual/lesbian characters? Under the thrill of the mystery and drama of recovery, you will find a touching story of first love. Do you love a good redemption story? Far From You has that! Are you a fan of a non-linear story? The story of Sophie and Mina slowly unfolds as Sophie jumps between the past and present. If you like an intense, emotional read, you might enjoy this impressive and poignant debut. I really liked this one and will be watching for more from Tess Sharpe!

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Happy Reading!