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The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa Review

November is half over and I have only read one novel. This has been the month of graphic novels and A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. I swear that ginormous book just moves in and takes over your life. I am not starting another novel until I finish. I promise to finish this week. I did however sneak The Iron Daughter in earlier in the month. So, here’s a review for you:

The Iron Daughter (The Iron Fey #2) by Julie Kagawa 2010

Meghan Chase, the half-human, half-faery daughter of Oberon, is a prisoner of the Winter Queen. She is there to uphold her end of the bargain she made with Ash, who has been cold and cruel since their arrival. Alone and powerless, things can’t get much worse…until they do. The Scepter of the Seasons is stolen and The Summer Fey are blamed. A war between the courts is imminent unless Meghan can convince everyone that the Iron Fey are responsible for the crime. She finds help from some unexpected allies, but without her own magic, will it be enough?

Meghan’s flip-flopping between heartbroken depression and angsty hard-heartedness is a bit melodramatic and annoyingly Bella-like, but it doesn’t last forever. Push through it, the old tough girls reappears. In the meantime the fast-paced action and amazing supporting characters make up for this minor annoyance. Iron Horse? Love him! Grimalkin? Tricky, gruff and still a bit of a softie. The Iron Fey world is further explored and explained and it continues to be a unique and intriguing spin on traditional faery lore. This is a solid sequel that left me wanting more. Lucky for me, it’s not over yet! And I thought I didn’t like faeries…

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Happy Reading!