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Mondays with Megan-I Have Cress and There is Nothing Else to Say! 2/10/14

It’s Monday. Boy, oh boy, is it ever Monday. I overslept today for the first time in ages. I am not talking about the hit snooze one too many times kind of oversleeping. I am talking about turn off the alarm and wake in a panic almost an hour later oversleeping! And then I got stuck in the apron of my drive  because they apparently plowed overnight and I thought I could just power through the two feet of frozen slush (thank you city of Cleveland for actually plowing my street). I was wrong. Thankfully there was a guy walking down the street who was willing to give me a push. Stupid winter is kicking my butt! But none of this matters, because I HAVE CRESS (*see bit about oversleeping*). Work is really interfering with my reading time….I am so distracted by it this fact that I can’t think of anything else to report, so I will just give you my Monday reading report.

mondayreading new monday

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lost lake half brother avalon regretsy

  • Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen-All the charm and magic I have come to expect from her. Just lovely.
  • Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel-I was actually surprised by how much I loved this one! Ben’s parents are scientists who want to study language acquisition in chimps so they adopt a baby chimp and raise him as a child. This only works out for a little while and then Ben is forced to choose between what he believes is right and what he as been told is right. I want my book club to read this one!
  • Avalon by Mindee Arnett-I was excited for this one, but in the end I can’t say that I loved it. I really enjoyed all of the characters and the story was awesome, but it suffered from pacing issues. The first half was too slow, but I am so happy I stuck it out because the second half was incredible. If you are a patient reader looking for a space adventure I encourage you to pick it up. I will definitely be watching for sequel.
  • Regretsy by April Winchell-This is a hilarious collection of strange items found on Etsy. If you like Awkward Family Photos and Cake Wrecks, you will enjoy all the weirdness in this book.

Current Audio:

the dead in their vaulted arches this is what happy looks like

Currently Reading:

cress broken hearts vicious fairest in all the land

In theory I am working on all of these, but in reality, Cress trumps all.

Happy Reading!