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Mondays With Megan: New Manga! Afterschool Charisma

I recently ordered a ton of new manga for my library collection and the first of it is starting to come in. I confess that I am really bad about reading manga, but I am trying to get better about that. On of the problems that I have is that I find it very overwhelming to see currently ongoing series with 40+ titles in them. That’s a lot of catching up to do. So, my new plan of attack is to start fresh with new series. To that end, today I am taking home the first four volumes of Afterschool Charisma by Kumiko Suekane.



If you look closely, you’ll see some familiar names-Marie Curie, Joan of Arc, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Florence Nightingale are just a few.

Here’s the scoop:

St. Kleio Academy is an exclusive private high school with a unique enrollment policy. All the students are clones of famous people from history. All of them, except Shiro Kamiya who is the son of one of the scientists in charge of the cloning program. Shiro does his best to fit in with his classmates and he only want to help them as they study the achievements of their originals. Shiro’s future is not predetermined, but the clones appear to be destined to repeat history.

So many things about this series are appealing to me. First of all, I am excited to see how various historical figures are treated and how they interact with each other. I mean really, how do Freud, Hitler, and Rasputin get along? Do Joan of Arc and Elizabeth I hang out with Marie Curie? And since its high school, who likes who? Can you just imagine the messed-up romantic possibilities? And of course, there are clones. I am very much a fan of books about clones. I am not so sure human clones are a good idea in practice, but in theory the idea is pretty cool. The premise sounds promising, I hope they are good. I’ll let you know what I think, though it may not be until after the holidays as I am on holiday prep overload. I need a nap.

Any manga recommendations for a newbie?

Happy Reading!