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Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy Review 11/6/14


Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy
Hardcover, 392 pgs

What it’s about:

Twelve-year old Stephanie Edgley has a pretty normal life. Until her beloved Uncle Gordon, a famous author of mystery novels, dies and leaves her his estate. It is at the reading of the will that Stephanie first meets her uncle’s strange friend, Skulduggery Pleasant. It’s not until Stephanie herself is almost killed at her uncle’s home that she learns about Skulduggery’s true nature. He is a walking, talking skeleton. He is also a sharp dresser, an ace detective, and a powerful sorcerer. Stephanie is thrilled to make his acquaintance and eager to leave her dull and predictable life behind to become his apprentice. As Stephanie learns all about her magical heritage and abilities, she and Skulduggery prepare to face off against an evil sorcerer who is after a magic item he believes Uncle Gordon possessed. The race is on to save the world from the rise of the Faceless Ones.

Why you might like it:

Are you a huge fan of wise-cracking skeletons who are out to save the world from evil sorcerers? Um, who isn’t?! Are you itching to read a book that takes place in Ireland? Here you go! Have you been down-in-the-dumps since you finished Harry Potter ages ago? Is your reading life devoid of magic? Cheer up, my friend! This series is for you! Obviously I am WAY late to the Skulduggery party, but here’s the good news: all nine books of the series are published, so NO waiting for the next book. So, if you are craving an action-packed adventure full of witty banter, dastardly villains, and fantastical magic, this could be just what you need. I am so thrilled to have finally started this series. I just finished the second book and I am officially hooked.

What more like this?

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Happy Reading!