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Top Ten Tuesday-Books That Will Make You Cry 2/4/14


It’s Tuesday, which means it is time for another Top Ten Tuesday list, hosted by the folks over at The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is books that will make you cry. True confession time: I apparently have a heart of stone because I really struggled with this one and in the end accepted that I am not a crier and stopped trying to come up with ten titles. Another possible theory is that I *am* a big crier and therefore intentionally stay away from books that will make me cry. I like that theory. Let’s go with that.

1. The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. This book full of raw grief, heartache, hope, humor, romance, and healing. Me=big, blubbering mess.


2. Where She Went by Gayle Forman. I don’t remember being so moved by If I Stay, but Adam’s story brought on the waterworks for me.

where she went

3. Winger Andrew Smith. I felt all the feelings! AND now I have get to feel them all over again since it has been revealed that there will be a sequel!!!


4. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I sat in my car in my own driveway bawling…

book thief

5. I am The Messenger by Markus Zusak. If I remember correctly, these were tears of joy. That happens sometimes.


6. The Eightly-Dollar Champion by Elizabeth Letts. This one caught me off-guard. It shouldn’t have surprised me when Snowman met his end (after living a long, long time) but the story of his passing was so touching. Yeah, I cried.

eighty dollar

7. Champion by Marie Lu. Happy tears.


8. Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein. The only books I run away from faster than cancer books is Holocaust books. I broke my own rule and I paid. Go figure, 3 of my teen tear-inducers are Holocaust books.

code name verity rose under fire

9. Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. This book was surprisingly beautiful.

jellicoe road

10. Pretty much anything A.S. King writes. Sometimes tears of joy, sometimes tears of heartbreak, always tears of triumph. She writes such poignant stories.

please ignore vera dietz ask everybody sees the ants reality boy

Ok, in retrospect, I guess I am actually a big cry baby. Fine. Pass the tissues, please.

Happy Reading!


Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Broke My Heart A Little

This week the blogger’s at The Broke and the Bookish decided to go with an Anti-Valentine’s Day theme. We are picking books that kind of broke our hearts. It will be interesting to see how people interpret this. There are a couple obvious choices, Harry Potter and Mockingjay are the two that I am sure will be on a lot of lists. Please don’t think I am heartless for not including them on my official list. Think of them as numbers 10+1 and 10+2…math is not really my thing.

1. The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. After her sister’s death, Lennie discovers that she has no one to hide behind. She is broken and no longer knows how to live. Her path from grief to acceptance is long and painful, but beautifully told.

2. The Summer series by Jenny Han. This series tells the story of Belly Conklin and the two boys who manage to love her and break her heart. There is a lot of heartbreak in the series and it isn’t all about the love triangle.

3. Notes from the Dog by Gary Paulsen. Admittedly not the best book ever, but it still broke my heart when I read it. Timing is everything and at the time that I read it I was very sensitive. Still, a solid tear-jerker about cancer and friendship and families. Good stuff.

4. Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers. This book is a devastating look at the lives of mean girls and bullying. It breaks my heart how realistic it is. On a side note, I am reading an arc of her newest book, This is Not a Test and it’s pretty heartbreaking too.

5. Shine by Lauren Myracle. It was so hard to find words when I originally wrote a review of this book. The gorgeous cover is deceptive, inside is a world of ugliness and heartbreak. It’s a tough but amazing read.

6. Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King. Vera Dietz lost her best friend, twice. Once when he totally betrayed her and screwed her over and again when he died. Vera’s struggle with her anger at Charlie and her grief over his betrayal and death are a little heartbreaking.

7. The Marbury Lens by Andrew Smith. This book haunted me for months after reading it. It got in my head, under my skin, and kind of twisted around in my heart. Very powerful book.

8. Pop by Gordon Korman. Yup, I got a little vaclempt over this football book. It really is a sweet sad story.

9. Between Shades of Grey by Ruta Sepetys. WWII and labor camps? Yeah, that’s a little bit of heartbreak for you.

10. Desires of the Dead by Kimberley Derting and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. These are a tie and they broke my heart for the same reason. In my opinion they did not meet my high expectations. I was told they were awesome. I was told I would love them. They were not. I did not. Disappointment can break your heart.

Happy Reading!